Crosspoint School of Arts 







SEEK and find your giftings and passions. 

STRENGTHEN your abilities. 

SEND you out equipped with the tools you need to succeed 

About us 

The Heart 

This school exist to equip people with the skills and tools they need to succeed. We believe that students of all ages can always improve their artistic abilities and that those abilities are useful to the person and the community. The public performance give the student a chance to show what they have learned, with the real world experience of playing in front of an audience. 


We currently offer a multitude of instruments including; piano, vocal, electric or acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, and drums. If you have interest in other areas of the arts, please contact us and we can explore the possibilities together. 


We will have one performance a year to showcase what the students are learning. This gives them a great opportunity to perform for an audience. 


The lesson studios are located directly inside the main entrance of Crosspoint Church, 215 3rd St, NW in Waverly IA. (East side of the building

What we offer 

Each student will receive a 30 minute lesson with a skilled instructor. We currently offer lessons on Tuesday and Thursdays, with exceptions available upon request. 


Fisher Woodley has a degree in education from the University of Northern Iowa. He has been involved in the performing and creating of music for over a decade. He currently serves as the Creative Arts Pastor at Crosspoint Church. He is passionate about relationships and equipping people of all ages to reach their full potential. He has a wife, a daughter, and a set of twins. 


  • What if I miss a lesson? Do I still have to pay for it?

    • Students only pay for lessons they attend; However, if students cannot make it, they need to cancel 24 hours in advance or payment is still required.

  • What if an instructor must miss a lesson?

    • If instructors cannot make a lesson they need to find a substitute or reschedule and notify students. Refunds will not be made if the class is taught by a substitute.

  • Payments can be made online through the website or in person in the form of cash or check. When attendance is recorded for the lesson an invoice is created. Payments may be made either per lesson or monthly. This should be set up with your instructor. 

  • How can I see the lesson schedule?

    • Schedules are available on the student calendar portal on the website. 

  • Whom do I contact if I have questions?

    • If it is in regard to the lesson, the instructor can be reached through the website. If it is a general inquiry, Fisher Woodley can be contacted through phone (563-608-6624) or email (

This place is amazing! Worth every penny! I would pay 4 times as much!!!!